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Presidents’ Day Schedule

In observance of Presidents’ Day, our office will be closed on Monday, February 20th. We’ll be back on Tuesday, February 21st. We hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Aetna Offers MinuteClinic

California Small Group members and their families get MinuteClinic at no extra cost*. MinuteClinic gives people more options to take control of their health and help them get the care they need. New Aetna HMO members pay $0 copay. MinuteClinic Virtual Care ™ services are available at no extra cost across all plans!

Click here to view the Aetna MinuteClinic Flyer
Click here to view the CVS MinuteClinic Services

*Aetna OAMC members on HSA plans receive $0 copay after the deductible is met.

Covered California Family Glitch Toolkit

A new rule, effective December 12, 2022, extends the Affordable Care Act affordability definition from being based solely on employee-only coverage to include family members of the tax household. Covered California created a toolkit to help with questions about the “family glitch” issue and affordable coverage for employee family members.

Click here for the Covered California “Family Glitch” Toolkit for Enrollers.

Health Net Q2 Updates

  • Rates: Small business rates for HMO plans have a 1.5% increase in all regions except 15, where HMO plan rates are increasing by 2.5%. PPO plans have a 1.5% rate increase.
  • Simplified Underwriting Programs:
    • Enhanced Choice Promotion – 5 subscriber minimum, No DE9C, No prior carrier bill, employees enrolled on another carrier through the same employer will not count against participation
    • Sell HMO with 6 – 6 subscriber minimum, mix and match any plans from the HMO networks, No DE9C, No waivers required (when not paired with life or employer paid dental/vision), No participation attestation, No prior carrier bill
    • Flexible Underwriting – 2 weeks payroll for startups, Mix and Match any 52 plans, Health Net can be written alongside any carrier, no limit to the number of carriers if participation is met, Groups 1-4 (70% participation), Groups 5-100 (25% participation – not a promotion)
  • Flu Shots now available at no charge at in-network pharmacies
  • Alternative Sites of Care Available: MinuteClinic, Babylon, Nurse Advise Line, Decision Power, Findhelp, Active & Fit.

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MediExcel Overview

MediExcel Health Plan offers compliant and affordable Platinum and Gold level benefits at one-third of the cost of traditional HMOs. Their Medical, Dental, and Vision plans can be offered alongside most carriers, and also have voluntary options.

MediExcel Health Plan is a California-licensed, ACA-compliant HMO, specializing in cross-border healthcare. They offer coverage for companies in San Diego and Imperial County, with care delivery in Mexico.

Click here to learn more about MediExcel.

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Arizona Considers Establishing Dental Medical Loss Ratio After Massachusetts Ballot Initiative

The MLR has been a staple of health insurance at the federal level for some time now, but there are no federal MLR standards for dental insurance. Some states are now looking at implementing a dental MLR as well. Click here to read the full article.


‘Free’ Covid Vaccines, Test Kits, and Treatments Are Ending. Who Will Pay the Tab Now?

Time is running out for free-to-consumer covid vaccines, at-home test kits, and even some treatments. When the public health emergency ends May 11th, so will many of the policies designed to combat the virus. Click here to read the full article.