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Aetna Small Group Updates

  • 2023 broker bonus – Get rewarded for selling Aetna’s new business plans to California groups of 1–100 eligible employees. Sales through a General Agent qualify! The bonus is based on the total number of enrolled employees for all the groups during 2023.
  • Underwriting – DE9C not required with five or more subscribers enrolling for groups with current coverage. Groups with 5–100 eligible employees can meet a 25 percent participation when enrolling five or more.
  • Pick 10 – New and renewing groups can select up to 10 plans. No need to worry about which network can be sold together — Aetna can offer any combination of plans under Pick 10. Review the underwriting guidelines to learn the streamlined process for common ownership and newly formed groups.
  • New Network in Northern California – Effective January 1, 2023, Small Group businesses in Northern California can offer the Aetna Whole HealthSM. This new network offering will provide Small Group customers’ employees access to over 1,700 PCPs, 5,200 specialists, and more with expected savings of up to 6%.

Click here to view the Aetna Small Group Producer Program Flyer.

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New Virtual BlueSM Plan Provides High-Quality, High-Value Virtual Care

Blue Shield announced a new virtual plan, Virtual BlueSM. Virtual Blue addresses the healthcare needs of today (and tomorrow) by giving members access to a unique, top-quality span of online medical, behavioral, and specialist doctors.

Virtual Blue plans feature $0 unlimited virtual care visits. In-person care cost shares vary by plan, and in-person access to care is available through the Tandem PPO network in California and via BlueCard when outside of the state. Virtual Blue will be available for enrollments beginning January 2023.

Visit the Virtual Blue page for more information.

Health Net New Broker Incentive Program

Health Net is offering a new General Agent Incentive Program for Small and Large group sales. They will be awarding the two top sales representatives overall for Small Group and Large Group each month with a $500 gift card from Amazon! Sell a minimum of 50 new members for Small Group and 100 new members for Large Group to qualify. Groups with effective dates from 1/1/23 to 12/31/23 qualify!

Click here for the Health Net GA Incentive Flyer

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New Family Glitch Resources

The new rule on the affordability of employer coverage for family members of employees went into place this year. To assist employers in understanding this rule change, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has created a resource outlining the most important takeaways for employers.

Click here for the rule change for the affordability of employer coverage from the CMS


Kaiser Permanente Earmarks $25M For Gun Violence Prevention

Kaiser Permanente unveiled a five-year, $25 million commitment and new partnership that will scale up its research and community-based work into gun violence prevention. Click here to read the full article.


Some May Face Affordability Challenges After Part D Redesign

Medicare Part D may be the target of reforms, but a new analysis found that beneficiaries may still face challenges when affording their medications. Those most at risk could include beneficiaries with limited income who do not receive cost-sharing support through the low-income subsidy. Click here to read the full article.