Thanksgiving Schedule, Special Enrollment Period, Cigna + Oscar Updates, Health Net Updates, News & More


Thanksgiving Schedule

The Dickerson team is thankful for your partnership. We are looking forward to spending time with our family this Thanksgiving. Here’s our holiday schedule:
November 23rd – closing at 2 pm
November 24th and 25th – closed
Back to our regular schedule on Monday, November 28th. 

We hope you have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

Special Enrollment Period

The Special Enrollment Period is from November 15th – December 15th for coverage starting January 1st. The Dickerson team is here to get you through the busy season! Our Account Executives and Customer Service team are dedicated to making the process easier for you and your groups!

Click here for SEP submission guidelines and deadlines!

Cigna + Oscar Updates

Cigna + Oscar shared their Q1 rates and updates with us!

  • Cigna + Oscar Q4 to Q1 Average statewide rate increase: 3.6%
  • Flexible Underwriting guidelines make it easy! 
    • Only need one enrolling employee in the CA service area
    • DE9C is NOT required for enrolling 3+ employees
    • Easy slicing: only 3 eligible Cigna + Oscar enrollees needed
  • Effective 1/1/23 LocalPlus will be offered as a PPO product with out-of-network benefits. Beginning 1/1/23, all plans and networks within Cigna + Oscar portfolio will be PPO-based plans.
  • Broker Incentive: Write more than 1 group and get rewarded!
    • Cigna + Oscar is offering a bonus program to reward you for writing multiple groups (eligible for 12/1/22, 12/15/22, and 1/1/23 effective dates)
    • Tier 1: Sell 1 group with 4 or more enrolled employees, get $250
    • Tier 2: Sell 3 groups with 4 or more enrolled employees, get $500
    • Tier 3: Sell 5 groups with 4 or more enrolled employees, get $1,000
    • Hit all 3 tiers for a max payout of $1,750
      Click here for more information about the Q4 broker incentive

Health Net Updates

Health Net shared their Q1 rate action as well as some updates to help you get through the final quarter of 2022!

  • Quarterly Rate Change
    HMO 0.9% PPO -1.5%
  • Annual/Renewal Rate Change Average
    HMO -2.9% PPO 0.7%
  • Health Net offers Full PPO Network plans
  • Chiropractic Rider is available on all PPO plans 
  • Health Net is changing the name of the PPO plans (removing the names “ALT”, “VALUE”, etc. 
  • The Enhanced Care PPO and PPO plans through Covered California Small Group are being discontinued. 
  • 2023 Health Net’s “Enhanced Choice” package is a great option for small groups with 1-100 employees! It provides the group with all HMOs (Full, WholeCare, SmartCare, Salud, CommunityCare) + all Full network PPO options too! 
  • Special Broker incentive: Health Net is offering a special commission rate of 6%, for new sales now through January 2023 effective datesfor the life of the case, for groups with 9 or more subscribers enrolled.


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