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Carrier Spotlight-Health Net

Q1 rates and updates.
Quarterly Rate Change
HMO: 0.9%
PPO: -1.5%
Annual/Renewal Rate Change Average
HMO: -2.9%
PPO: 0.7%
  • Enhanced Choice: In 2023 Enhanced Choice A and Enhanced Choice B will be replaced by one package, Enhanced Choice. All Small Group Networks and plans will be available in this package.
  • Simplified Underwriting: Enhanced Choice Promotion minimum of 5 active subscribers. Groups with 5-100 eligible employees. No DE9C and no prior carrier bill are required!
  • Startup Groups: Only need 2 weeks of payroll for groups of any size.
  • Mix and match any of the 52 plans! Health Net can be written alongside any carrier, with no limit to the number of carriers if participation is met!
  • New CA IFP Parent Healthcare Act Begins 1/1/23: CA IFP members will be able to cover parents as dependents if the parents rely on the policyholder for at least 50% of their living expenses. This new law will affect people who might be added to an adult child’s healthcare coverage and is important for those who are not eligible for Medicare.

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Are You Certified With CCSB?

Get certified with Covered California just in time for Q4!

Follow these 5 easy steps:

  1. Apply to become a Certified CCSB Agent – Brokers need to indicate if they’re a sole producer or if they work at an agency.
  2. Indicate the type of plans you’re selling** – If the broker plans on selling IFP only, IFP and CCSB, or CCSB exclusively (No IFP).
  3. Complete On-Line Training – the agent gets a link to CCSB’s University to watch a video. There’s no test afterward, but there may be a question or two during the video so pay attention!
  4. Receive and sign the Agent Agreement through DocuSign – Form STD204 is included (for CCSB), includes E&O Contract information, and make a one-time payment (via link) for $ 76 to the state exchange.
  5. Certification Status – CCSB Agent Contracting begins working on completing this process. DOI, Business Services, and CCSB Finance all play a role in this process.

**If the agent chooses the IFP/CCSB contract option, it is imperative they check the box for CCSB when completing the contract, and that the contract includes the STD204 form that allows CCSB to pay commissions.

Please contact your Dickerson Sales Rep with any questions.


Bright Health is Leaving the IFP Market

Bright HealthCare will no longer offer Individual and Family Plans after the 2022 plan year and will no longer offer Medicare Advantage products outside California and Florida.

It’s a priority for Bright HealthCare to continue to provide quality service to its members, providers, brokers, and other partners in discontinued markets. They want to ensure all impacted members can move forward to new plans with no interruption in coverage.

Please read the broker announcement FAQs here


IRS Releases Final Rule To Fix ACA’s Family ‘Glitch’

The IRS finalized regulations intended to revise the method of determining affordability under the ACA for an employee’s family member by considering whether the coverage offered by the employer to the employee and the family members is affordable. Read the whitepaper here.


Hearing Aids Are Now Available Over The Counter

The move is being hailed as a win for those with hearing loss, which afflicts millions of people across the country, but experts say customers need to be cautious about what products they purchase as sales begin. Click here to read the full article.