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Anthem Small Group Checkup

Anthem shared updates for Q3 and Q4 and here are the highlights:

  • Q4 rates went live this week!
  • “Ask the Expert” Broker webinar- Save the Date July 21st, invitations with the registration link will be coming soon. 
  • Anthem offers Innovative tools such as:
    • Anthem Sydney Health App – makes healthcare easier! Members can find a doctor, track fitness, and more!
    • LiveHealth Online – Easy access to virtual care. Members can see a board-certified doctor or licensed therapist.
    • Employee Assistance Program Available 24/7 – Anthem Employee Assistance Program (EAP) comes at no extra cost for members and their dependents and includes medical, life, and disability products. They also offer counseling, legal consultation, and more resources.

Anthem Enhanced Commission Promotion

Lock in higher commissions with Anthem! Anthem is offering a 7% commission rate on new medical business for the life of the case when you sell any new Small Group with 5 or more enrolled employees for September 2022 effective dates

NEW! Anthem is offering a 6% commission incentive for October 2022 – January 2023 effective dates for groups with 8 or more enrolled employees!

Click here for the September commission promotion flyer
Click here for the October – January commission promotion flyer

Health Net No Longer Offering PPO Through CCSB

Health Net Small Group PPO plans will no longer be offered in the Covered California for Small Business (CCSB) marketplace beginning on January 1, 2023. Here are some key points:
  • Existing groups and members will keep their CCSB Health Net PPO plan until the end of their plan year in 2023.
  • New groups can continue to enroll through December of 2022.
  • At renewal in 2023, groups need to pick a new CCSB plan with another carrier or another Health Net option off Exchange.
  • Health Net PPO plans will be available off-Exchange through Health Net directly in 2023.
  • Employer groups and their employees will be notified of their plan updates via US mail. These letters began mailing out June 28, 2022, 180 days prior to the plan closure date, based on their effective dates.

HealthNet Peak Season Broker Incentive Program

Health Net just shared a NEW broker incentive program for September 2022 through January 2023 new business effective dates!

  • For new sales with September 2022 effective dates, get a special commission rate of 6% for the life of the case, for groups with just 6 or more subscribers enrolled.
  • For new sales with October 2022 through January 2023 effective dates, get a special commission rate of 6% for the life of the case, for groups with 9 or more subscribers enrolled.
  • This program will replace the current broker bonus of $60 per member, ending after the 8/15/2022 effective date.

Click here for the flyer with more details on this promotion.

SCOTUS Turns Abortion Regulation To The States: Considerations For Group Health Plans And Employers

SCOTUS overturned abortion law and the right to an abortion is now restricted in at least half of the states. Many employers have inquired about whether they can pay for employees who live in states where abortion is banned or severely limited to travel to states where such limitations don’t exist. Click here to read the whitepaper.


“Free” Screening? Know Your Rights to Get No-Cost Care

The ACA recommendations to simply cover preventive screening and care without cost sharing remain confusing and complex. Always check with your own health plan beforehand to ensure that a test, vaccine, procedure, or service you need is covered and that you qualify for the no-cost-sharing benefit. Click here to read the full story.


Digital Mental Health Companies Draw Scrutiny and Growing Concerns

Consumers who have trouble getting in to see a therapist are turning to online behavioral health providers that offer quick access, but there’s limited research on their effectiveness. Click here to read the full story.