Dickerson Weekly Update: Health Net Q3 Rates and Broker Incentives, Carrier Mobile Apps, Updates, News & More


Health Net Q3 Rates and Broker Incentive Program

Health Net Shared their Q3 rates and details about their broker incentive program for 2022!

Here are the rate updates for Q3:

  • Medical: Q3 2022 small business rates will have a 0.3% decrease HMO and HSP plans, and a 2.2% increase for PPO and EnhancedCare PPO plans.
  • Dental: No plan changes at this time.
  • Vision: No rate or plan changes at this time.
  • Optional chiro: No rate or plan changes at this time.


Health Net is offering new broker incentives to help get you off to the races. Sell new Small Business Group medical plans (including sales through CalChoice) and get a bonus:

  • Brokers will receive $60 per member for each new small business employer group sold.

Click here to read more about the Health Net Broker Incentive Program.

Contact your Dickerson Sales Rep for more information!

Dickerson’s Tip of the Week

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Carrier Mobile Apps – Healthcare In The Palm Of Your Hand

Access your health plan with the convenience and ease of a mobile app. These easy-to-use apps can help you find a doctor, get details about your healthcare plan, chat with a nurse 24/7, get an electronic copy of your ID card, and more! Find out more about the mobile apps from Anthem, Cigna + Oscar, Health Net, Kaiser Permanente, Sharp Health Plan, Sutter Health Plus, United Healthcare, and Western Health Advantage by Clicking here.


COVID Shots Still Work But Researchers Working On Improvements

Despite success in preventing serious illness and death, there’s growing pressure to develop vaccines better at fending off milder infections, too — as well as options to counter scary variants. Moderna and Pfizer are testing 2-in-1 COVID-19 protection that they hope to offer this fall. Each “bivalent” shot would mix the original, proven vaccine with an omicron-targeted version. Moderna has a hint the approach could work. Click here to read the full story.


Here’s Why You Might Still Want To Wear Masks On Public Transit

Masking has become entirely optional for U.S. travelers — leaving them to decide how risky travel is for themselves. Infectious disease experts tell NPR they generally plan to keep covering their faces regardless of what the rules are. It’s not as though all public transit poses the same risk, though. Click here to read the full story.