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Anthem Q3 Rates and Plan Updates

Anthem announced Q3 rate and plan updates for July 1, 2022, effective dates.

Rates are available for Q3 quoting!
Medical Quarterly Rate Change Average:

  • PPO: 0.2%
  • HMO: -0.1%

Medical Annual Rate Change Average:

  • PPO: 3.8%
  • HMO: 2.0%

No changes to Dental and Vision plans rates. Effective immediately, Anthem Voluntary Dental and Vision plans only require 5 eligible with a minimum of 2 enrolling, the prior guideline was 5 eligible and 5 enrolling.

7% Commission for September 2022 Effective Dates with 5+ Enrolling
Get a 7% Commission for September 2022 effective dates on new medical business for the life of the case when you sell any new small group with 5 or more enrolled employees for September 2022 effective dates. Brokers can get 7% up to $1M annualized premium, then .8% above $1M. The group must stay enrolled in an Anthem Small Group ACA medical plan.

Underwriting Promos Extended Through 12/15/22!

  • DE-9C is not required with 3 or more subscribers enrolling! Excludes virgin groups.
  • Relaxed Participation Guidelines: 2-4 eligible, 65% participation; 5-100 eligible, 25% participation.
  • Employers not contributing to the cost of coverage that meet relaxed participation guidelines can use the “employer-sponsored” plan rates.
  • Valid Waivers: Individual coverage will be accepted as a valid waiver
  • Additional Network Flexibility: Employers can select one of the following pairings:
    • Any two HMO networks (including Vivity) alongside one PPO network
    • Both PPO networks alongside any HMO network (including Vivity)
    • Select HMO, Priority Select HMO, and Vivity HMO alongside one PPO network

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How to Dispute a Claim That Was Paid by the Carrier but Paid Incorrectly:

Call or Email us with the subscriber’s name, social security and/or ID number, name of claimant, group number, the reason for inquiry and include all applicable bills, receipts, and the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) – which is sent to the member by the carrier. 



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