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Kaiser Kick-Start the Season Small Group Broker Bonus

Increase your earning potential with Kaiser’s small group broker bonus! For all new small groups sold to effective dates of December 1, 2021, through January 1, 2022, take home a $100 bonus per enrolled subscriber. This bonus is payable for new small groups. This bonus is on top of your regular commission and standard broker reward programs such as the Total Replacement and Group Production rewards. Groups submitted through Dickerson are eligible!

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Health Net Covered California for Small Business Group Plan Closures for 2022

Health Net is closing the following Covered California for Small Business group plans:

  • Health Net Gold 80 Value PPO 750/15 + Child Dental Alt
  • Health Net Silver 70 Value PPO 1700/50 + Child Dental Alt
  • Health Net EnhancedCare Platinum 90 PPO 250/15 + Child Dental Alt
  • Health Net EnhancedCare Gold 80 PPO 1000/30 + Child Dental Alt
  • Health Net EnhancedCare Silver 70 PPO 2250/55 + Child Dental Alt
  • Health Net EnhancedCare Silver 70 HDHP PPO 1400/40% + Child Dental Alt​​​​​​

Health Net will mail plan closure letters to employer groups and members impacted by these changes. Letters will mail on a monthly basis at least 90 days prior to the impacted group’s renewal date. January 2022 employer group and member letters will mail by October 1, 2021.

Health Net will share information on their 2022 portfolio soon!

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Blue Shield of California MLR 2020

The Affordable Care Act requires health insurers to refund part of the premiums it receives if it does not spend at least 80% of premiums received for Individual, Family Plans and small group business plans, and 85% of premiums received for large group plans on medical care such as doctors and hospital bills, and activities to improve health care quality, such as patient safety.

Blue Shield of California does not owe Medical Loss Ratio rebates for 2020 to the following subscribers and employer groups since Blue Shield met or exceeded the MLR targets for those health plans.

Reminder IRS Form 5500 with Summary of Annual Report (SAR) Due September 30th

If you are a plan sponsor of a health and welfare plan that is subject to ERISA and you have 100+ participants on the plan at the beginning of the plan year, you are required to file IRS Form 5500. A Summary Annual Report (SAR) is part of that 5500-filing requirement. The SAR is due nine months after the end of the plan year, so if your ERISA plan year is on a calendar year basis your 5500 filing was due July 31, 2021, and your SAR is due September 30, 2021.

IRS Issues Affordability Percentage Adjustment for 2022

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has released Rev. Proc. 2021-36, which contains the inflation-adjusted amounts for 2022 used to determine whether employer-sponsored coverage is “affordable” for purposes of the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) employer shared responsibility provisions and premium tax credit program.

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How Peter V. Lee did the Impossible with Covered California

Peter V. Lee was the first executive director of Covered California, and under his leadership, Covered California has been perhaps the most successful ACA marketplace. To read the full story, click here.

FDA Panel Says Only High-Risk Americans and Those 65+ Should Get Covid Boosters

On Friday, the FDA recommended against approval of a booster dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for people 16 years and older and support a booster for 65+ or people with high risk of severe Covid. To read the full story, click here.