Anthem Broker Incentive Program, Q3 Rates, Industry News and More


Announcing Anthem’s Small Group Special Broker Incentive Program

Anthem just announced a special broker incentive program that allows brokers to earn more commission. The incentive program will run from September 2021 through January 2022. See eligibility requirements below:
  • Groups submitted through GA partners will qualify.
  • Small Groups of up to 100 employees are eligible to participate.
  • New Small Business Group employees are those who have the same enrollment effective date as the employer groups’ original Anthem effective date.
  • Appointed agents must be in good standing with a current, signed Anthem agent contact and a valid license on file.
  • Groups must be active at the end of the bonus period.
  • The commission percentage is based on the number of enrolled employees with Anthem medical plans.


Sell Medical effective 9/1/21 or 9/15/2021: You’ll earn:
Medical group (5+ enrolled employees) 7% commission for the life of the case


Sell Medical effective 10/1/21 thru 1/15/2022: You’ll earn:
Medical group (10+ enrolled employees) 6% commission for the life of the case


Sell Specialty effective 9/1/21 thru 1/15/2022: Per enrolled contract you’ll earn:
Dental $10
Vision $5
Life $2
Long-term Disability $2
Short-term Disability $2

Anthem Renewal Changes

Beginning in September, small group medical client renewal packets will include a dental and/or vision quote automatically. This will apply to all groups with a minimum of 5 enrolled subscribers. Rates are based on the number of subscribers enrolled and will not include any discounts. The rates may change once you provide the Specialty Benefit Modification form, which provides the SIC code and eligible subscriber count. The Dickerson team is also available to provide a quote for another plan and may be able to get the group better rates!

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Anthem’s Q3 2021 Rate Action

Quarterly Rate Change Average: Annual/Renewal Rate Change Average:
PPO: 0.8% PPO: -3.4%
HMO: 1.0% HMO: -8.4%
Combined: 0.8% Combined: -3.9%

Areas including San Diego and San Francisco are receiving rate reductions.

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Ease Broker Services Survey

Our quoting partner, Ease, would like your feedback. The industry has changed in the past year, and the more they know about what challenges you’ve faced, the more understanding they have, which helps them improve. Please provide them feedback by filling out this brief survey before July 9th.

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