Q3 Rate Actions, American Rescue Plan Webinar, Industry News, and More!

Blue Shield Announces Q3 Rate Actions and Underwriting Updates

Blue Shield has announced a statewide average rate action of 1.2% for the third quarter of 2021 for all plans and rating regions. The cumulative rate action for groups renewing in Q3 2021 is 1%, reflecting the preceding four quarter’s rate actions combined.

New Business Submission Requirement update:
The requirement for copies of filed tax documents (e.g., Schedule C, Schedule K-1) for eligible owners not listed on the group’s DE9C is being replaced with a requirement for completed and signed Blue Shield of California Small Group Owner Eligibility Statementsfor the following legal entity types:•Sole Proprietorship

• Partnership, Limited Partnership (LP), Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
• Corporations (C-Corp and S-Corp)
• Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Group’s main office update:
As of 04/01/21, A group can have their administrative/head office located in another state, but the group must have a California principal business address to be eligible for a California group policy.

Kaiser Releases Rate Changes for Q3

Average rage change – New Sales, July 2021 over January 2021
New Business NCAL SCAL
HMO metal plans
(including CCSB & CalChoice)*
3.0% 3.0%
PPO metal plans 0.0%


Average rage change – Renewals, July 2021 over January 2021
Existing Business NCAL SCAL
HMO metal plans
(including CCSB & CalChoice)*
2.8% 3.2%
PPO metal plans 7.0%
Grandfathered Plans Statewide
HMO 4.0%

American Rescue Plan Act Overview Webinar – Compliance, Relief Aid for Small Businesses and More

As more details emerge on the American Rescue Plan Act concerning new compliance requirements, relief aid for small businesses, and more to come, business leaders need to be aware of critical compliance changes and needed steps to receive assistance. Check out this webinar for an in-depth look at these changes and discuss required employer actions to provide answers to these questions and more.

Click here to sign up for this very informative webinar from Dickerson’s partner, HR Services, Inc.


Billions In New Obamacare Subsidies Are Now Available On Healthcare.Gov

The Biden administration has doubled Obamacare’s advertising budget to get the word out, and will now spend $100 million telling Americans about newly affordable options. Nearly everyone with an Affordable Care Act health plan can now qualify for increased financial help with premiums by going back to the website. Many Americans who buy their own insurance outside the A.C.A. marketplaces may also qualify for substantial help, and may benefit from reviewing options and switching to an eligible plan. Uninsured Americans also qualify. Click here for the whole story.

Democrats Look at Lowering Medicare Eligibility Age in Healthcare Package

Congressional Democrats and the Biden administration are planning another round of healthcare initiatives that could include lowering the Medicare eligibility age, following their major expansion of the Affordable Care Act this year. Democrats are still negotiating over which healthcare policy elements could be in the second of two spending programs the administration plans to unveil soon, according to congressional aides and industry groups. Click here for the whole story.

Data Disaggregation Shows Startling Health Disparities Among Asian Americans

With the recent rise in anti-Asian violence and the tragic shootings in Atlanta, there has been an increased focus on individual and institutional racism toward Asian Americans. Asian American medical students have pondered another issue that has received little attention: Asian American health disparities are hardly covered in medical education. Click here for the whole story.

Can You Add Your Parents to Your Health Plan? California Considering It

The Department of Insurance has sponsored California State Assembly Bill 570 which would mandate that individual or group health care service plan contracts or health insurance policies cover dependent parents. Though the Bill does not limit the age of the dependent parent, Assembly Member Santiago noted an existing issue with seniors’ access to health care that has been exacerbated by COVID-19, and the Commissioner added that in the face of the high health risks to older adults due to the pandemic, the Bill could help reduce health insurance costs for California families by expanding health coverage.  Additionally, the Bill would offer relief to immigrant families with younger working adults caring for older undocumented family members. Click here for a closer look.