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Keep Dickerson in mind – for your large group prospects. We’re here to support you on the large group RFP, Strategize, Present, Enrollment Assistance, and help service your clients after implementation. Now more than ever, Dickerson is partnered with a wide variety of carriers that can suit all of your client’s needs.

Dickerson Insurance Services is partnered with Aetna, Blue Shield, Cigna, Kaiser, Health Net, MediExcel, Nippon Life, and more.

Interested in learning more about Dickerson, click here for a complete description of carriers, plan types, and commissions by product and group size. For more information, please contact your Dickerson Account Executive for more information.

Anthem has added multiple incentives for Group including a Specialty Broker Bonus Program, Special Medical Commission Programs, and Network Flexibility promotion, and added new plans for 2021 and more.

For 2020’s 4th Quarter and the First Quarter of 2021, Anthem has a lot of exciting updates. They include the following:

  • Added New Plans for 2021: Includes the Silver 2500 HAS PrevRx. BZ PPO 75/7300/40% – which will include unlimited office visits and the last plan titled New Whole Health (WH) Plan Portfolio,
  • Network Flexibility Promotion (10/1/2020 – 3/15/2021): Employers can choose one of the following networks which includes 2 PPO Networks alongside 1 HMO Network or 2 HMO Networks alongside 1 PPO Network
  • Q1 2021 Rate Reductions and HMO and PPO Statewide: For PPO, the Average decrease of 3.7% across all regions, and for HMO the Average decrease of 2.7% across all regions.

For a full list of details as well as a breakdown of what is offered for Q4 2020 and Q1 2021, check out this flyer to learn more.

Anthem would also like to remind brokers of the following updates for Small Group as Open Enrollment is about to begin. Here are some great reasons why you should choose Anthem and a few of them are as follows:

  • Specialty Broker Bonus Program: which is through January 2021 in addition to the existing broker bonus program.
  • Bundling Discounts: There is a 5% Bundling Discount for a better bottom line which includes dental along with another line of specialty.
  • Blue View Vision: With Blue View Vision, clients are given eyeglass frame allowances of up to $200 + 20%
  • Relaxed Participation: 25% for groups with 5+ Eligible; 65% for 2-4. Best of all, there is no required contribution for dental and vision.

For a complete list of reasons why you should sell Anthem, check out this flyer for more information.

Please reach out to your Dickerson Account Executive for additional information.

Dickerson Insurance Services is collaborating with Cigna and Earvin “Magic” Johnson’s Minority and Women-Owned Business program to service the city of Los Angeles and the state of California.

Dickerson Insurance Services is excited to report that we’re collaborating with Cigna and Earvin “Magic” Johnson Minority and Women-Owned Business program servicing the city of Los Angeles and the state of California.  Cigna recently announced a new and exciting partnership with the legendary Earvin “Magic” Johnson who has teamed up to fight the health discrepancies and support minority and women-owned small and mid-size businesses in the Los Angeles area. The goal of this partnership is to develop and cultivate healthier workforces which is a key factor in the minority and women-owned businesses.

In addition to this, Cigna will also introduce customized health plans and is planning to invest an additional $3 million to local charity organizations that are focused on improving the quality of health in Los Angeles and in the state of California. The customizable plans will focus on a variety of health issues and include health and lifestyle services for a variety of health issues including asthma, heart disease, diabetes, high-risk pregnancies, and more.

The plans will also include convenient access to affordable health care, whole-person health services including mental health support, virtual care options for a variety of services, a variety of pharmacy options, and peace of mind support which will include financial and legal services through Cigna’s employee assistance program.

For more details on this exciting partnership, contact your Dickerson Sales Rep today.

In the News… 

Due to the recent uptick in the number of COVID-19 cases, Los Angeles County has to remain in the most restrictive COVID-19 tier.

Reports indicate that due to the recent numbers from COVID-19 testing, Los Angeles County has to remain in the most restrictive tier and cannot move forward just yet in reopening more of the economy. On the other hand, an additional 25 more schools in Los Angeles have received approval to open for pre-Kindergarten to second-grade classes. A total of up to 30-grade schools in L.A. County will be given waivers to reopen.

Unfortunately, the number of those testing positive is too high for the county to open more schools at this time. Records showed on Tuesday the rate of new cases was at 8.0 per 100,000 people per day as opposed to the 7/0 per 100,000 needed for more businesses to be able to reopen.  As of Tuesday, October 27th, Los Angeles had reported a staggering 1,586 new cases and 29 deaths associated with the coronavirus. Fortunately, the laboratory issues have recently been resolved with the state system which is what delayed the reports of new cases last week.

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Los Angeles County has announced a pilot program to combat mental health crisis calls.

Officials from Los Angeles County and the city announced a yearlong pilot program that will consist of response vans with trained specialists to assist and help residents who are experiencing mental health crises. Rather than having law enforcement, firefighters or paramedics respond to mental health crises, the program will deploy these response vans to handle the crisis. The vans are set to be deployed for January.

The response vans will consist of trained mental health specialists who are experienced at dealing with various mental health crises and can make the determination as well as transport the person to a specialized facility where they can receive specialized care if need be. The team will also be able to determine if the person in need of help needs a longer treatment facility or short-term stabilization.

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