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Anthem’s exciting Q1 2021 updates: competitive rates and broker bonus programs

This year, Anthem offered competitive rates in many regions, which is why we’re excited to share that this trend will continue into Q1 2021. And Anthem isn’t just lowering rates, they will also be offering new plan options as well as enhanced broker bonuses.

We’re excited to host Anthem next week and for them to share crucial Q1 2021 updates for brokers.  Be prepared for the coming year: don’t miss out on these updates!

Tuesday, October 20
10:30 AM to 10:30 AM PST
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For more information, please contact your Dickerson Account Executive.

Think large, think Dickerson: We’re now a General Agent for Cigna!

Dickerson keeps on growing: we’re excited to announce that we’re now a General Agent for Cigna!

When you’re working with groups of 25-250, we’re here to assist you.

And that’s not all we have to share with you. Dickerson is honored to be Cigna’s sole GA collaborator for their LA-Based initiative to help minority and women-owned businesses succeed through better health. This program features a culturally fluent approach to provide the right kind of health plan and personalized support for your client’s entire workforce when they offer medical, pharmacy, and mental health coverage. Click here for details.

Make Dickerson your Q4 HQ

Do you need customizable, brandable flyers but don’t know where to start? Are you looking for the latest compliance documents? Are you looking for a top tier team to help you maximize your sales?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Dickerson has got you covered. We have the technology, tools, and resources to help you succeed in today’s market.

Here’s how we can help you:

  • Same Day Quotes: Enhanced quoting with EBix (HealthConnect), which now lets you generate one Excel file with multiple reports!
  • Broker Marketing Portal: Our latest and greatest customizable compliance docs, and other FREE resources
  • Free Online Enrollment Tools: Our underwriting cheat sheets on owner only groups, spouse only groups, and much more!
  • Forms Finder: Each carrier’s new and existing business forms, and also complete enrollment kits

Make Dickerson your Q4 HQ!

For more information, please contact your Dickerson Account Executive.

sales@dickerson-group.com • (800) 457- 6116

Dickerson Individual Market
Open enrollment is here!

Open Enrollment for Medicare and Individual is here and we want you to enroll your clients. If you aren’t already appointed, be sure to get appointed with Dickerson Today!.

$0 Contracting Fee!

We’re now partnered with more Individual carriers than ever before, many of which are offering $0 cost for contracting.

For more information, visit our website, or contact Sally Saracay (sally@dickerson-group.com).

States expect Medicaid enrollment and spending to increase by over 8% in 2021

Due to a slumping economy amidst a pandemic and federal conditions to maintain access to federal matching funds, states expect Medicaid enrollment and spending to jump by more than 8 percent in fiscal year 2021. The 20th annual survey of state Medicaid directors finds that enrollment is expected to grow by 8.2% and combined federal and state Medicaid spending expected to increase by 8.4% in the next fiscal year. This reflects a dramatic reversal in economic conditions and state fiscal outlooks. 2020 saw Medicaid spending grow by 6.3%, and enrollment remained basically flat.

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Nevada man contracts COVID-19, twice

Scientists recently confirmed the first case of coronavirus reinfection in the United States. A 25-year-old Nevada man contracted coronavirus a second time, and the second round of the virus was more severe than the first. The man, whose identity remains confidential, first tested positive for COVID-19 in April before recovering and then tested negative in May. In June, he tested positive for the virus again. Researchers sequenced the RNA from both virus samples and found they were two different strains, making it a true reinfection. Globally, the Nevada case marks the fifth case of reinfection, and scientists say that this is a rarity.

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