Dickerson Update June 25 – Anthem Announces Extension, CA Choice Reveals New Q3 Changes and More!

Anthem extends submission deadlines and gives brokers opportunities to make more

Deadline Extension for July-September New Business Cases

To help you submit your new Small Group Cases for July-September effective dates, Anthem has announced an extension for submission.

Please be advised, the cases should be:

  • Submitted through the Salesforce enrollment tool
  • The case MUST be clean and submitted along with all required documents
  • Cases with July effective dates must be submitted no later than July 30th by noon
  • Cases with August effective dates must be submitted no later than August 28th by noon
  • Cases with September effective dates must be submitted no later than September 29th by noon

Just as a reminder, don’t forget to submit the initial payment via the Electronic Debit Form, as Anthem is currently working from home.

Broker Commission Program

Additionally, Anthem wants to remind agents about their new commission program available to all agents, not just ACE agents. This commission program will run from July 1, 2020 through January 15, 2020.

Here’s how it works:

  • A 6% commission for new small group medical cases with 10+ enrolled
  • New Small Business Group employees are those who have the same enrollment effective date as the employer group’s original Anthem effective date. For example, if an employer group’s original effective date is January 15, 2021, then the members must also have an effective date of January 15, 2021
  • This enhanced commission opportunity is in addition to any other award brokers receive under Anthem Blue Cross bonus program
  • Commission percentage is based on the number of enrolled employees with Anthem medical plans
  • Appointed agents must be in good standing with a current, signed Anthem agent contract and valid license on file

Business sold through a General Agent partner is eligible for this bonus!

Specialty Bonus Program

Anthem also wants to remind brokers of their specialty broker bonus program for groups of 2-500 with effective dates of July 1, 2020 through January 1, 2021. In order to receive this bonus, the groups must be active at the end of the bonus period, at which point Anthem will pay out the bonus. Cases on which Anthem is paying commission are eligible for the bonus. Additionally, this bonus will not apply to groups that embed dental and/or vision with medical.

Here’s how the program will work:

When groups add: Per enrolled employee:
Dental $6
Vision $2
Life $1
Long-term Disability $1
Short-term Disability $1
Accident $1
Critical Illness $1
Hospital Indemnity $1

Like with the commission program, business sold through a General Agent partner is eligible for this bonus!

For full details on how the commission program and specialty bonus programs work, check out this flyer.

Please reach out to your Dickerson Account Executive for additional information.

Reminder: Take advantage of CaliforniaChoice’s major portfolio changes in Q3

CaliforniaChoice shared plans to offer three new full-network PPO options through Anthem Blue Cross, including access to the Prudent Buyer Network, beginning July 1, 2020.

The new options will be:

  • PPO E in the Gold tier
  • PPO C in the Silver tier
  • PPO A with HSA in the Bronze tier

They also plan to add a new Anthem Blue Cross PPO B with HSA in the Bronze tier offering access to the Select PPO network.

CaliforniaChoice also plans to introduce a second Triple Tier option on July 1, 2020 that includes the Bronze, Silver, and Gold tiers, in addition to Silver, Gold, and Platinum Triple Tier. Quoting for July 1, 2020 opened April 15, 2020.

To make writing business easier for you, CaliforniaChoice also relaxed underwriting requirements.

Here’s how:

  • Proof of payroll reduced to four weeks
  • No ID Cards required when 50% of eligible employees waive coverage
  • Prior carrier bill promo now applies to 6+ groups
  • Required participation is just 70%, regardless of employer contribution percentage

To read the announcement in full, click here.

Kaiser health tips: Have fun in the sun, safely

New partnership alert: VSP carrier connection with Ease

This just in: VSP, one of the largest vision benefits companies in the US, and Ease, a leading HR and benefits software solution, have partnered to provide brokers and businesses better access and integration of core employee benefits.

The VSP connection is a part of EaseConnect+, which means the Ease Implementation Team will handle the setup of the connection. It’s unnecessary for brokers or GAs to go through the marketplace wizard or set anything up for the connection.

Here are more details on this new and exciting partnership:

  • Connection available for groups with new and existing VSP vision plans
  • No additional cost: as part of EaseConnect+, Ease manages the setup of the connection
  • Connection included in broker’s Ease subscription, and is applicable to all group sizes
  • Adds, changes, and terminations will be automatically sent to VSP on a weekly basis

To learn more about how to take advantage of this new integration, please reach out to your Dickerson Account Executive.

Dickerson News Update

California state budget deal avoids big cuts to health care, education

In the face of a massive budget deficit, Governor Newsom had proposed cuts to safety-net programs intended to keep the elderly and low-income residents out of long-term care homes. State lawmakers rejected these cuts, and negotiated a new budget. Governor Newsom agreed to a plan on Monday that would avoid these budget cuts. Newsom negotiated the plan with legislative leaders, and lawmakers are expected to vote on the proposal later this week.

It is estimated that counties will lose $1.7 billion in public health funding between January 2020 and the end of June 2021 because of lower sales tax revenues and vehicle license fees. To help them make up for that loss, the proposed budget includes $750 million in state money. Counties would get an additional $250 million if the federal government approves new COVID-19 relief money for states. Governor Newsom must sign the proposed budget by July 1, 2020, which is when the spending plan would take effect.

For the full story, click here.

Governor Newsom has announced California could reverse reopening economy if coronavirus cases continue to rise 

During a press conference, California Governor Gavin Newsom stated California could shut down part of its economy again if the state loses control of the coronavirus pandemic. Records indicate there has been a recent increase in people seeking hospitalized care for COVID-19 related problems. Newsom also announced 3,702 people were reported to have been hospitalized for COVID-19 symptoms in a single day, which was a record high. On Monday, a new record was set with records indicating over 6,000 people were hospitalized with COVID-19 in a single day.

Governor Newsom made it very clear by stating, “We’re not out of the first wave.” To combat the spread of the virus, Newsom warned Californians to adopt measures such as wearing masks when they cannot maintain social distancing outside their homes. The warning reinforces Newsom’s mask order, which has become a widely discussed subject.

To read the full story, click here.