Dickerson Update, June 11 – Anthem Issues Premium Credits to Employers, Return to Work Tips, and More!

Anthem announces plans to issue premium credits to employer groups, renewal rate hold for Dental and Vision, and new commission program

Premium Credits

To provide support and financial relief to employers and members during COVID-19, Anthem decided to issue premium credits to fully-insured Large Groups, Small Groups, and National Accounts with medical and/or dental plans based on April 2020 invoices.

Here’s what to expect:

  • The credits will appear on employers’ August 2020 invoices, which will be issued in July 2020
  • Medical plans: 15% of the April premiums, depending on the state and segment
  • Dental plans: 50% of the April premium for Anthem dental plans

For all pertinent details, please contact your Dickerson Account Executive.

Renewal Rate Freeze

Anthem recognizes that this has been a challenging year for small businesses, which is why they want to help. This is why they’re holding 2020 renewal rates for dental and vision during Q4 2020. This automatic rate hold applies to all Small Group dental and vision renewals from October 1, 2020 to December 15, 2020.

For full details on this dental and vision renewal rate hold for Small Group, click here.

Broker Commission Program

Additionally, Anthem wants to remind agents about their new commission program available to all agents, not just ACE agents. This bonus program will run from July 1, 2020 through January 15, 2020.

Here’s how it works:

  • A 6% commission for new small group medical cases with 10+ enrolled
  • New Small Business Group employees are those who have the same enrollment effective date as the employer group’s original Anthem effective date. For example, if an employer group’s original effective date is January 15, 2021, then the members must also have an effective date of January 15, 2021
  • This enhanced commission opportunity is in addition to any other award brokers receive under Anthem Blue Cross bonus program
  • Commission percentage is based on the number of enrolled employees with Anthem medical plans
  • Appointed agents must be in good standing with a current, signed Anthem agent contract and valid license on file

Business sold through a General Agent partner is eligible for this bonus! For full details on how this commission program works, check out this flyer.

A message featuring our founder, Carl Dickerson:
Becoming a better place for all of us

Haunting footage of the death of George Floyd on the evening of May 25th at the hands of the Minneapolis Police Department quickly circulated, leaving Americans feeling heartbroken and saddened.

In the ultimate expression of the First Amendment, Americans instead chose to take to the streets and publicly say, “this is not right.”

We at Dickerson Insurance Services are deeply saddened and affected by the murder of George Floyd. We stand in solidarity with those in the fight against police brutality and all forms of systemic racism.  In an admirable act of unity, Americans all over the country chose to come together and take a vocal and united stance. Something must change! Amid the ongoing civil unrest and continuous protests, Americans of all races, nationalities, and ages have actively taken to the streets in their personalized show of support. Silence is no longer an option and the demand for systemic change is blaring across the globe! Equality is what the people are asking for.

“I am very glad that our staff represents every aspect of our society. We are open. We just want people to be human and that’s all that we want them to be,” reflected Carl Dickerson, “When we started our business many years ago. I made up in my mind that diversity is going to be a big, big part of what I do.” As a company founded in 1965, it was a bold declaration to make for a Black man. In its 55 years of existence in the health care industry, Dickerson Insurance Services has cultivated a thoroughly diversified work environment that is a harmonious reflection of society. In keeping with the standards set by the Founder, Dickerson Insurance Services faithfully donates to several organizations including NAACP, Pacific Council, Urban League, Kedren Hospital, Los Angeles Urban league, and countless others to continuously nurture within our communities.

We at Dickerson Insurance Services stand united behind the Black Lives Matter movement. We are glad that our company covers all aspects of diversity whether it is gender, sexual orientation, race, or religion. Our Founder said it best, “I think now for the very first time in my close to 82 years, I think the future of our country has the possibility of reaching this dream and becoming a better place for all of us.”

Getting ready to return to the office with Dickerson and HR Service, Inc.

As cities slowly roll back COVID-19 restrictions and businesses begin to reopen, employers are faced with questions on how they can create safe office environments with COVID-19 still looming in the picture. The reality is that work spaces will need to create an environment where employees and clients can be healthy and safe from COVID-19.

And there’s more than just cleanliness and hygiene to consider. Employers need to think about adjusting workplace layout, legal obligations, policy updates, and more. This is why Dickerson created this checklist for reopening in partnership with HR Service.

Click here to see the checklist in its entirety.