Dickerson Update March 19 – Navigating through Uncertain Times with Dickerson: We’re Here for You

Navigating Through Uncertain Times with Dickerson: We’re Here for You 

As events and CDC guidelines regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus) continue to evolve, rest assured that Dickerson is committed to maintaining business continuity and providing our brokers with the support they need during these unprecedented times. We’re aligning ourselves with global efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19 and keeping the health of our employees and the general public in mind, which is why Dickerson offices are temporarily closed. Although employees will work remotely, all business will continue to function in a responsive, timely fashion.

Our systems are designed to support remote work, and as such, are secure. Documents can be sent and signed electronically. We do not expect any disruptions. Amongst other services we will continue to provide:

  • Video conferencing for broker and employer interaction
  • Virtual/online enrollment meetings
  • Quoting and Sales support
  • Customer service
  • Account management
  • Shipment of enrollment materials

Please continue to reach out should you need our help. Our heartfelt sympathies are with those affected by this pandemic.

Click here if you need forms quickly, or contact your Dickerson Sales Rep today for other compliance and marketing materials. We’re here for you.

When will a coronavirus vaccine be ready?

Although global efforts to contain COVID-19 have slowed its spread, many eyes have turned to the prospect of a vaccine that could prevent people from getting sick. Currently, about 35 companies and academic institutions are working toward this goal. Some vaccine candidates are already being tested on animals, and one of these, produced by Moderna, will soon enter human trials.

Chinese efforts to sequence the genetic material of the virus that causes COVID-19 have accelerated research groups’ progress toward developing a vaccine. Additionally, experts are also building upon prior research conducted as a response to previous epidemics in 2002 and 2012 caused by coronavirus family virus strains.

In spite of the promising progress being made, researchers need to make sure that they aren’t cutting corners. Developing effective vaccines requires a multi-step process in which the safety of trial candidates is of utmost importance. And once an effective vaccine is developed, there’s the question of how to mass produce and distribute it.

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Cancer, heart, and other elective surgeries now delayed due to Coronavirus Pandemic

As local hospitals cope and prepare for COVID-19, elective surgeries are now being canceled. Hospitals are cancelling surgeries for patients with slow-growing or early-stage cancer. Medical professionals are aware of the impact these choices may have, but these are just some of the tough issues medical professionals face today with the COVID-19 pandemic in tow.

Other procedures such as cancer screenings, colonoscopies, and mammograms are being postponed. Although stakeholders are taking necessary measures to control the outbreak, COVID-19 is impacting the health care industry in serious ways.
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