Dickerson February 27 Update – Nippon Life Offers Stability and Exceptional Service – California Corona Virus Updates

Nippon Life Benefits Offers Stability, Exceptional Service and More.

As one of the world’s largest mutual life insurance companies, Nippon Life Benefits is committed to only offering their very best to their clients. Since 1991, Nippon Life has been on a mission to bring humanity back to health care.

To do so, Nippon Life delivers innovative employee benefits such as:

  • Medical claims experience for groups of 101+
  • Dedicated account manager on all size groups
  • Bundling Discounts on medical when ancillary is added
  • Bundling discounts on dental with additional ancillary lines
  • STD 20 % no offset program
  • Can have 2 dental networks (ASA and Dentemax) with 10 enrolled
  • White glove customer service

For more information, please contact your Dickerson Account Executive.

California has the third-lowest rate of new lung cancer cases in the U.S. but lacks in early diagnosis and treatment 

California has the third-lowest rate of new lung cancer cases in the United States according to a report titled “State of Lung Cancer” released by the American Lung Association. Additionally, California trails behind in early diagnosis and treatment. Nearly a quarter of Californians diagnosed with lung cancer received no treatment.

The report also states that California screened high-risk patients at a lower rate than every state, but Nevada. Experts believe this is due to various factors including some Californians’ limited access to healthcare and medical professionals being hesitant to treat poor people who smoke more.

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The Coronavirus has been declared a state of emergency in San Francisco, California 

As a result of the worldwide growing concern of the spread of the coronavirus, San Francisco Mayor London Breed has declared a coronavirus-related state of emergency.  This allows the city to increase emergency planning and increase education efforts to the public and health providers. San Francisco has now joined Santa Clara and San Diego who have issued similar decrees relating to the coronavirus.

At this time, there is no vaccine or approved medications to treat the virus. Health officials are encouraging residents to follow the same precautions in protecting themselves from a cold or the flu. These recommendations include thoroughly washing your hands, avoiding contact with sick people and covering your cough. As of Wednesday, February 26th, there have been 10 confirmed cases of coronavirus in California and a total of 59 in the United States.

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