Dickerson Update February 20 – Covered CA Announces New Special Enrollment Period, Health Net Extends Underwriting Promotion, and More!

Covered California Announces New State Special Enrollment Period; Californians Can Still Get Coverage for 2020

Covered California® has announced a new, short-term qualifying life event for the 2020 benefit year. This will allow certain consumers to enroll in benefits through a special enrollment period from Feb. 18 through April 30, 2020.

This qualifying life event is available to consumers who:

  • Attest to not knowing about the new state subsidy or tax penalty OR
  • Are currently enrolled off-exchange but qualify and want to take advantage of the new state subsidies

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Consumers who enroll by March 31 for coverage effective April 1 will not have a state tax penalty. However, consumers who wait and enroll in April will have to pay a penalty for their coverage gap period (e.g., four months of coverage gap for a coverage start date of May 1). Read Covered California’s Special Announcement and their Special Guide (2020 Individual Mandate, State Subsidy and Loss of Coverage of QLE Quick Guide)

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Health Net Extends Underwriting Promotion

Health Net announced that they’re extending their previous underwriting promotion, which lowers participation percentages for HMO and Salud HMO y Más Network. Here’s how the promotions works:

Enhanced Choice A:

1-5 enrolling: 66% participation

6+ enrolling: 50% participation

Enhanced Choice B:

1-5 enrolling: 66% participation

6+ enrolling: 35% participation

Additionally, you may sell HMO with 6+ lives and no attestation nor waiver required and also offer Salud HMO y Más Network with 2 active subscribers. Small business groups can mix and match any plans that come with the Salud HMO y Más Network.

These offers expire June 30, 2020.

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Covered California receives an increased number of enrollees as Californians try to avoid a state penalty 

Covered California is seeing a major increase in enrollees as some people have received financial aid from the state which will help them afford their premiums. In addition to assisting some people to be able to afford their premiums, the polices also penalize those who do not have health insurance coverage. As some people were not made aware of the new penalty, Covered California Executive Director Peter Lee has decided to give uninsured Californians another opportunity to enroll by extending the special enrollment period that will last through April.

Despite all the changes that are taking place, about 418,000 Californians have enrolled through Covered California by the original deadline of January 31st, making it the highest enrollment since 2016. With the additional new enrollees, Covered California’s total number will amount to more than 1.5 million enrollees.

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Governor Newsom addresses mental health as integral to solving Homeless Crisis

In what was an unprecedented move, Governor Newsom dedicated the bulk of his State of the State address on highlighting homelessness as a focal issue affecting California that he hopes to ameliorate during his tenure as Governor. He identified both housing aid and mental health funds as core components of his plan to tackle the homelessness crisis.

Governor Newsom proposed using Medi-Cal funds for housing aid, in addition to holding counties accountable for using funds collected under the Mental Health Services Act to expand mental health services. Counties aren’t currently held accountable for how they spend these funds.

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