Dickerson Update, December 5 – 2020 Broker Bonus, Compliance Assessment Tool and More!

CaliforniaChoice Provides Clarification on Provider Network

Anthem Blue Cross inadvertently included ZIP Code 92365 in their CaliforniaChoice HMO network service area listing. There are no Anthem Blue Cross providers available in that ZIP Code. CaliforniaChoice removed ZIP Code 92365 from quoting.

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Kaiser’s New 2020 Broker Bonus

Kaiser Permanente announced a new 2020 broker bonus for small group sales. Effective January 1, 2020, brokers can earn a $100 bonus per enrolled subscriber. The bonus is paid for new small groups written direct, through a GA, CaliforniaChoice®, and Covered California for Small Business. For example, if you sell a new group with 10 employees and enroll 9 subscribers with Kaiser Permanente, you can earn a bonus of $900 (9 enrolled subscribers x $100 = $900).

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HR Services’ ACA Reporting Assistance

It’s the time of year for ACA reporting. To ensure that your groups are ACA compliant, HR Services offers help with attracting new clients with its Compliance Assessment Tool. Setting up a preferred provider to help creating 1094 and 1095 documents for ACA reporting, along with determine series codes is necessary. HR Services is here to help with all ACA servicing needs. Click here for more information.

 And for more details on HR Services ACA reporting services, join their upcoming webinar titled “ACA Reporting Requirements Training – for Employers” on December 12, 2019 for a discussion on any ACA Reporting changes, requirements and steps to be taken to effectively complete reporting requirements. Click here to register.

California Doctors Criticize Surprise-Billing Law

About two years ago, the California legislature passed AB-72, a law meant to protect patients from incurring unexpected expenses from out-of-network doctors. While the law has largely worked as intended, some physicians argue that this law constrains a doctor’s ability to negotiate rates with insurance carriers. Some providers are being forced to consolidate practices, which often drives up health care costs.

Several studies examining the effects of AB-72 rendered conflicting results on how it has impacted both costs and healthcare delivery outcomes. Federal lawmakers considering national legislation targeted at protecting patients from surprise billing are turning to California as an example of how effective this type of legislation might be.

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Federal Government Program to Provide Free HIV-Prevention Drugs

Health and human services secretary Alex M. Azar II announced that 200,000 Americans will gain access to HIV-prevention medicine at no cost via donated drugs and services provided by major pharmacy chains. The new program, Ready, Set, PrEP, is the first of its kind at a national scale. The federal government has never before distributed pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), the HIV-prevention medicine.

Patients not enrolled in any federal health program such as Medicaid would be eligible for this program. To increase awareness, pharmacies such as Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid will promote the program.

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