Dickerson Update, October 3 – Carrier Q4 Updates and More!


  • Q4 quarterly rate changes for Southern California rating regions 15-19:  HMO -2.0 & OAMC/EPO +0.8
  • New plans: OA Managed Choice POS Bronze 50/50 6800 & OA Savings Plus Managed Choice POS Bronze 50/50 6800


  • Q4 quarterly rate change – PPO 1.2%, 2.0% HMO
  • New plans: Priority Select HMO, Platinum HMO 20, Bronze Plan PPO

Blue Shield

  • Q4 quarterly rate change: PPO 1.8%, HMO 1.8%. Rate actions vary by region and network.
  • Groups may be able to reduce their premiums by 3% to 12% by switching to Tandem PPO plans from Full PPO plans. Or, by changing their current HMO plan to a Trio HMO plan, groups can reduce their premiums by 11% to 32%, varying by region and plan selection. 


  • Anthem Blue Cross added two new HMO options, Gold HMO B and Silver HMO B, that took affect 9/1/2019.
  • Kaiser Permanente added a new HMO option, Silver HMO A, for 1/1/2019. It includes the Full Network.
  • UnitedHealthcare added a new HMO option, Gold HMO D, for 1/1/2019. It includes the Advantage Network.

Choice Builder

  • No rate or benefit changes
  • DeltaCare® USA premium rating changed from Employee ZIP Code to Employer ZIP Code. This change is effective for new groups and renewals starting 11/1/2019.

Health Net

  • Dental/Vision: No rate changes
  • Life: No rate changes
  • Optional Chiro: No rate changes
  • While there are no rate changes for ancillary benefits in Q4, rates will increase .7% for PPO and EnhancedCare PPO plans and 1% for HMO and HSP plans.


  • Average rate changes for new sales are as follows:
    • HMO Metal Plans: +3%
    • PPO Metal Plans: 0%
    • Dental Plans: 0%
  • New Silver HMO 1900/55 + Child Dental Alt plan, which connects the gap between their current bronze and silver offerings. The biggest impacts with this plan are the out-of-pocket maximums.


  • Rate reduction of 3.88%
  • Oscar joining CCSB effective 1/1/2020

Open enrollment begins on October 15th. And Dickerson’s Individual Market brings you more opportunities to sell big this quarter. So, make sure you’re appointed with the following carriers for an opportunity to get at some extra commission.

For information on how to become appointed and the individual market, please contact Joshua Schneeloch or Sally Saracay.

Covered California

With Covered California announcing a .8% rate increase for 2020 (the lowest rate change in five years), now is the time for consumers to capitalize on rates and get coverage.  

Consumers interested in signing up can visit the Covered California website here.

L.A Care
New business $20 pmpm
Renewals $20 pmpm

molina dickerson appointment appointed

New business $18.75 pmpm
Renewals $15 pmpm…

And this just in: Molina announced a new broker bonus for agents who write at least 50 members total in CA, FL, SC and TX. Brokers will get $50 for each member. And brokers don’t have to write 50 in each state.

New business $18 pmpm
Renewals $18pmpm