Dickerson Update, August 14 – Blue Shield, Choice Builder, MediExcel and More!

Blue Shield Announces Expansion of Trio Network

Blue Shield announced expansion of both its network and service area.

Effective immediately, PrimeCare Empire Physicians Medical Group was added to Blue Shield’s Trio network.

Blue Shield also expanded the Trio HMO service area to include Kings and Fresno counties. Additionally, Trio now covers more ZIP codes in Riverside, San Bernardino, and Tulare counties.  

Here are some more details:


Medical Group(s)

Partner Hospital

Riverside and San Bernardino

Empire Physicians Medical Group, Coachella Valley Physicians Inc.

Eisenhower Medical Center

Tulare, Kings, and Fresno

Key Medical Center

Kaweah Delta Medical Center

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Quoting for Q4 Now Available for Choice Builder 

Choice Builder announced that Q4 quoting is now available for 11/1/19 effective dates.  Other 4th quarter news are listed below:  

– DeltaCare® USA premium rating changed from Employee ZIP Code to Employer ZIP Code.

– The rating change is effective for new groups beginning November 1, 2019.

– The rating change is effective for existing groups on their renewal date beginning with November 1, 2019 renewals. An email notification was sent earlier this week to November renewal groups and their brokers; an email notification will be sent to December 2019 through October 2020 groups and their brokers at the time of their renewal. 

– There are no rate or benefit changes.

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MediExcel Now Includes Heal as Urgent Care Provider

Effective 10/1/19, MediExcel will include Heal as an urgent care provider. All MediExcel medical plans will offer Heal Urgent Care visits to members who work or reside in Heal’s coverage area. Members will have to provide US urgent care copay for these visits.

MediExcel has also added self-servicing functionality to its online portal such as a “Call Your Doctor” hotline, text appointment confirmations/reminders, an enhanced client access portal, and more.

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Link between National Hepatitis A Outbreak and Opioid Crisis

Since 2016, hepatitis A outbreaks have occurred in 29 states, with more than 23,600 cases on record, 230 of which resulted in death. Today, California and Utah are the only states to have contained their hepatitis A outbreaks.

This hepatitis A outbreak comes at the heels of the opioid epidemic, and has spread primarily amongst drug users and the homeless. However, anyone who hasn’t been vaccinated can get hepatitis A, which is why health officials are now starting to see cases with non-drug users.

Ohio and Kentucky have been the states most impacted by this outbreak. In Kentucky, about 20% of reported cases were neither homeless individuals nor drug users. This year, Pennsylvania and Florida also declared an outbreak, and case count now exceeds 1,000 in six states.

Both the opioid crisis and hepatitis A outbreak point to shortcomings in the United States’ public health system. With only 2.5% of U.S. health spending going toward public health initiatives at a time in which outbreaks are impacting more and more people, health professionals are nervous about the potential ramifications of spending so little to implement programs that can triage these problems.   

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Strong Effort By Lawmakers To Stabilize Covered California Draws More Insurers

Changes to stabilize Covered California are bringing forth more insurers to the ACA market. Lawmakers in Sacramento have acted to enhance Covered California for 2020: They added state-funded tax credits to the federal ones that help people pay for coverage. And they reinstated a requirement for residents to have coverage or pay a penalty — an effort to ensure that enough healthy people stay in the insurance pools to offset the financial burden of customers with expensive medical problems. 

These newly added benefits appeal to insurers, which are expanding operations in the state, enhancing competition and offering consumers more choices.

“It’s taken longer than expected, due in part to the political rancor, but things seem poised to go well for next year,” said Katherine Hempstead, a senior policy adviser at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. “The ACA market is becoming a better place for insurers and consumers.”

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