Dickerson Update, April 24 – Q3 Carrier Updates and More!

Transfer of Blue Shield Members Approved

Blue Shield confirmed that Verity Medical Foundation filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 11. The court approved the transfer of Blue Shield’s members from Verity IPA to other participating IPAs and medical groups, effective May 1, 2019.

The DMHC approved Blue Shield’s request to waive the 60-day member notification requirement due to the timing of Verity IPA’s pending closure and its financial status.

Please contact your Dickerson Account Executive for more information.

CA Choice Updates Tier Language

California Choice has updated its tier language for 7/1 effective dates. The tier language now reads from “Single Tier, Tiered Choice, Triple Tiered Choice to Single Tier, Double Tier, and Triple Tier.”

L.A. Care and HealthCare Partners Working on Compliance Issues

L.A. Care would like to notify its members that it has identified compliance issues with HealthCare Partners (HCP). As a result, L.A. Care has decided to close the Cal MediConnect HCP panels to new patients, immediately. They are working with HCP to help bring them into compliance.

Please note that L.A. Care Covered agents and business are not impacted by these compliance issues. Therefore, any enrollments conducted by your agents will not be impacted under L.A. Care Covered.

For any questions, please contact your Dickerson Individual Sales Executive , Joshua Schneeloch at joshua@dickerson-group.com.