Dickerson Update, April 9 – Choice Builder and Health Net Updates

Dickerson’s Event Season Is Here! CE Courses, Educational Seminars, Webinars and More!

Dickerson is proud to kick off its event season, starting with an Ease webinar and ending with our CE courses and a whole lot of great events in between! Our seminars and webinars are a surefire way to stay in the know on everything benefits related. Take a look at our CE flyer here to see the dates, times and registration links for each event.

We hope to see you soon!

Health Net Announces Third Quarter Small Group Updates

Health Net has announced its third quarter small group rate updates. The third quarter 2019 rates are +2.8% for PPO & EnhancedCare PPO Plans and +0.2% for HMO & HSP plans. 

Dental/Vision: No rate changes at this time
Life: No rate changes at this time
Optional Chiro: No rate changes at this time
(Please note that rates quoted are pending completion of regulatory review.
Contact your Dickerson Account Execution for more details.)

Small Businesses Invest in Financial Wellness 

Small businesses are finding the balance in offering financial wellness programs to their employees to ensure the road to healthy retirement. These program were initially adopted by larger-size employers. Now, some medium size and smaller companies are investing in them, due in part to concerns over their workers’ retirement prospects. 

Small businesses are realizing offering financial wellness programs is the right thing to do. They’re feeling a little more that it’s the way the world is moving, and it’s something they should offer as part of their overall benefit and well-being strategy and there are now ways to deploy it in a highly scalable way.

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Diabetes Care Improvement Through Technology 

Diabetes and diabetes management solutions can be tough to navigate. An employer who places diabetes on their priority list should ask tough questions in an effort to determine which offerings are right for their workers. Such as reviewing tools, like a glucose monitoring device, to see if it meets clinical best practices and lowers cost of care. Though, engaging in self-monitoring is a decision between the patient and the physician.

However, many companies already rely on artificial intelligence-based outreach to promote behavior change instead of investing in personalized coaching. So why don’t more employers take a personalized approach to diabetes care? One possibility is that it’s cheaper and easier to scale an intervention that doesn’t change with the participant. If you’re charging based on devices and strips dispensed, there is no incentive to personalize.

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