FAQs: Dickerson Insurance Services Joins Alera Group

FAQs: Dickerson Insurance Services Joins Alera Group

Exciting times are ahead for us at Dickerson Insurance Services, as we join with Alera Group! For our press release, click here.

  1. Why Alera?

As you know, there is a strong trend toward consolidation in our industry. After meeting with many firms, Dickerson saw an opportunity to make a greater impact in the communities in which we do business by joining Alera Group. We are now part of a company that was formed by a group of industry experts and peers to create a national player with best-in-class firms that can leverage a wider range of products and services and provide unmatched results for brokers.

Joining Alera Group presents us with an exciting opportunity to further expand our national scope, enhance our local services and get in on the ground floor of what will be a transformative company. Alera Group is a collaborative company that shares our same values and mirrors our culture.  Rather than working to make us fit into a mold, Alera Group is offering us the opportunity to maintain our business model and staffing while at the same time, elevate our unique qualities as a complement to our sister companies. We are excited about the opportunity for growth, learning and innovation and are committed to providing the personal service our brokers have come to expect.

  1. Who is Alera?

Alera Group is a national firm, created by the merger of 24 like-minded, high performing independent firms across the United States. The company’s corporate office is located in Deerfield, IL, with member firms and locations throughout the United States. The firm has grown to more than 950 employees, is comprised of more than 50 partner companies and has more than $250 million in revenue.

  1. What does this mean for Dickerson?

By becoming an Alera partner firm, Dickerson now has access to the experiences, tools and knowledge of some of the nation’s best firms and people in our industry. Neither our company culture nor our staff has changed; we will operate just as we always have, but with enhanced capabilities to help us grow as our brokers grow.

  1. How does this affect me/my business?

Nothing will change in the short term. We’ll maintain a local focus with the same concierge service you have come to expect from us. You’ll work with the same people you always have, plus some additional team members that may be hired to support your needs.

In time, you can look forward to Dickerson providing more resources and tools to help you and your clients succeed. Specifically, we’ll be able to support you with enhanced compliance resources, education and training modules, and national access for your business outside of California.

  1. Are the Alera CA companies going to go after my groups/see my information?

No one at Alera will have access to Dickerson’s secure data. The security of your and your clients’ information is of utmost importance, just as it always has been. We maintain an in-house information technology department and use an industry leading technology consulting/monitoring team to ensure electronic safety.

  1. Are the Alera CA companies going to work exclusively with Dickerson?

Just as is the case with any broker, Alera partners have options for placing their business. From a Dickerson perspective, we also have the option of working independently and/or tapping into the expertise of our partners when it makes sense.

  1. It seems unusual that a GA would partner with a private equity firm that owns other insurance agencies. Can you explain?

It’s no secret that demands on brokers and General Agencies are increasing every day. With the resources of partner firms and Alera Group behind us, we are better equipped to help brokers meet the challenges that come about as our industry continues to change. Our core business is still that of a leading General Agency. We have been in business for more than 50 years, acting with integrity and with the highest level of ethics.

There are collective experiences among our partner firms that will benefit brokers nationwide. Dickerson is the only GA in the Alera network at this time, and we will have the resources to expand, should we choose to do so in the future.

  1. Can I write in a state where there is an Alera partner?

Provided you are licensed in that state, Dickerson now has greater resources throughout the country for potential co-broker and cross-marketing introductions and opportunities.

  1. What changes do you see? Is Dickerson management going to remain the same?

Yes, management will remain the same. As always, we welcome your ideas and suggestions for strategic ideas and business opportunities.

  1. What will the company be called going forward?

Preserving the brand, company culture and our name was one of our top priorities. We will be known as Dickerson Employee Benefits, an Alera Group Agency, LLC, Doing Business As: Dickerson Insurance Services.

  1. Will company decisions be made by Alera or Dickerson?

Business decisions will continue to be made by Dickerson management. We have the same core values with the same leadership team in place. This partnership opens us up to a number of new opportunities to work with new companies and to share expertise and best practices. This is an opportunity for all of us to grow and hone the skills our brokers, current and future, rely on us to have.

  1. Who will pay commissions?

Dickerson will continue to pay commission to agents just as they always have.

  1. Will I be working with the same team at Dickerson?

Yes, everyone has signed on to remain a part of the “New Dickerson,” including managing partners Michael Wolff and Tony Lee, our senior management and our sales and operations staff. Company Founder Carl Dickerson remains with us in a consulting and business development role.